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Goodman Lantern is ushering in a new era of digitalisation.

Our global team uses a careful balance of automated tools and industry-leading expertise to develop cutting-edge applications, conduct thorough research, and create stimulating content.

With our innovative online platform, we provide you with direct access to an expert team and a dedicated project manager who you can retain to take on all your business activities, automating your work and freeing up valuable resources. 

Primary & Secondary Research


We conduct primary and secondary research, customised to your brief and requirements, using a custom-built platform that gives you a real-time view of our research, progress made, billable hours, and allows you to speak with your project manager directly at any time.

E.g. Competitive Data Sourcing, Potential Supplier and Buyer Reports, Product and Service Pricing Benchmarks.


Content Creation


We create content (informed by your research), into something more tangible, shareable, and useful. Content can be customised to suit your intended audience.

E.g. White Papers, Reports, Power Point Presentations, eBooks and Articles.



We help companies with the process of developing new digital tools, either within an organisation or independently.

E.g. Apps powered by Artificial Intelligence, Custom Growth Hacking Tools, Mobile Applications, and more. 




Using custom tools and teams we provide highly targeted worldwide Business (B2B) marketing lists to companies, which can be utilised as part of the growth strategy. 

E.g. Prospect Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Candidates.



Goodman Lantern works across multiple industries, executing briefs to the client's specification, budget, and deadline.

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Case Studies

Jonty Hadfield - Caselton Clark Limited

Scope of Project: Content Writing

"We started working with Goodman Lantern a year ago and have been impressed in their professionalism and ability to deliver on time with every one of the projects they undertake. As a small business, they have allowed us to super-charge our business development and content function in an efficient and successful manner. Looking forward to making the most of their other products now like GoPinLeads."


Jeremy Hill -

Scope of Project: Market Research – Competitor Analysis, Finding Suppliers

"Outsourcing is fraught with dangers, but somehow Goodman Lantern make it so seamless. It’s not just the final delivery that is impressive but their constant feedback and re-framing of the brief, which is where the real value add and efficiency is. Trust me, you’ll have them at your Christmas Party before you know it. Can’t recommend them highly enough."

Tony Ridley -
Intelligent Travel Insurance

Scope of Project: Market Research – Competitor Analysis

“Great work, thorough research and very helpful analysis of content and opportunity.”


Sid Efromovich -
V&A Commodity Traders

Market Research – Finding Suppliers, Paying Customers

“Goodman Lantern delivered on everything that I asked and they committed to. They were also great communicators during all parts of the process. When they were unsure about a part of the task, they reached out to me offering examples of what they thought the task entailed. They always made sure we were on the same page and was very professional. I highly recommend them.”