We offer up to 80% automation in our processes and a significant cost and time savings based on our innovative platform. Via the tools, you receive direct access to an expert team and a dedicated project manager.


Real time access

We have successfully eliminated the ‘black-box’ approach of delivering projects by offering real-time visibility of the progress of your project, tasks, project manager and rest of the team. 


time management

Whether you are on an annual contract or a pay-as-you-go customer, you have full access to the time spent on delivering your tasks.


Project Management Tool

Our platform includes tools for Task Assignment, Gantt Charts, Internal Messaging, File Sharing and more.

team ratings.png


Based on client feedback, all team members are rated every week, maintaining a high quality of services & support. 



Our in-house payment tool makes it easy to track time and bill you for the hours. Payments can be made easily via PayPal or any major credit card.