With an innovative online platform, Goodman Lantern provides you with direct access to an expert team and a dedicated project manager who you can retain by the  to take on all your business activities, automating your work and freeing up valuable resources. 


Core Services

Primary & Secondary Research


We conduct primary and secondary research, customised to your brief and requirements, using a custom-built platform that gives you a real-time view of our research, progress made, billable hours, and allows you to speak with your project manager directly at any time.

E.g. Competitive Data Sourcing, Potential Supplier and Buyer Report, Product and Service pricing benchmark. 


Content Creation


We create content (informed by your research), into something more tangible, shareable, and useful. Content can be customised to suit your intended audience.

E.g. White Papers, Reports, Power Point Presentations, eBooks and Articles.




Using custom tools and teams we provide highly targeted worldwide Business (B2B) marketing lists to companies, which can be utilised as part of the growth strategy. 

E.g. Prospect customers, Suppliers, Partners and Candidates.

Other Services

graphic desigN


We offer a range of graphic design services for print or social media sites which complement your digital media and company brand, making you and your business - stand out from the rest. 

E.g. Business Cards, Flyers & Ads, Brochures and Social Media Banners. 

Website design and management


We develop websites and provide a formal arrangement to fulfil your web support and maintenance needs; ensuring that your online web investment is protected and that your web site(s) evolve to meet existing and future customer demands. We support a variety of open source technologies and CRM systems.

E.g. PHP, Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace