saaS Platforms

We help SaaS startups to build better software products, innovate at scale, and grow to their full potential. With a host of full stack development capabilities, we help you better navigate challenges in a bid to realise your vision.

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We build modern, innovative software that is aligned with the most stringent industry standards. Using the newest, most effective framework and tools, we provide a full host of end-to-end services to our SaaS customers.

At Goodman Lantern, we are detail-oriented, using multi-tier architectures, tried-and-true best practices, cloud native practices, and several layers of QC and testing to speed up the development process. Our extreme dedication ensures that we deliver successful solutions every time.

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Cloud Architecture

We help you select the most suitable platform - public, private, or hybrid - to run your SaaS application optimally.

Cloud computing makes upgrading and scaling your application easier, and ensures that your app meets your expectations for performance, reliability, and responsiveness.

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UX Design and Engineering

Our dedicated UX team shoulders the responsibility of creating a product that not only helps you achieve your business goals, but gives your users the “wow factor” they’re looking for.

Using rapid prototyping skills, user testing, and metrics strategies we implement solid design thinking principles to the entire developmental process.

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Advanced Testing

We tackle the testing process by providing both automated and manual approaches.

Our dedicated testing teams are of the mindset that continuous integration is the only way to go, and this mindset helps us to not only improve quality but reduce time to market as well.