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Self-service expert identification

Without paying a ‘hefty’ commission to the middleman.


Most other companies act as the recruiter. They find the candidates (experts), and charge up to 50% of the experts' fee as commission. They typically won't tell you how much the expert is charging.

Goodman Lantern offers expert shortlisting service (the most time-consuming part). This allows you to have thought leaders and industry experts at your fingertips!

You will know what their consulting fee is and how to contact them. You can then choose to engage directly, or get us to make the introduction.

Either way, you don't have to pay Goodman Lantern a % of the expert's fee. We only charge the time (p/h) spent on research, making 'expert sourcing' up to 50% cheaper.


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Who is it for?

Private equity, M&A specialists, management consultants, and business decision-makers.

How does it work?


How does it work?

Consultants or deal-makers initiating discussions during the deal making process, need knowledge they can trust.

One of the quickest ways to get reliable and to-the-point information, is to speak with an expert.

Goodman Lantern helps you identify the experts that are a fit for what you're looking for. You can then choose to engage them directly, or have us do the introduction on your behalf.


Why work with us?



Many organisations have a black-box approach to sourcing. We have made this process transparent.

We show you our process in real-time, so you know exactly what has gone into it.




Organisations such as GLG, charge 50% of the rates they negotiate with experts.

We don’t charge a penny of the expert fee. All transactions are between you and the expert.




We get on to the delivery process, as soon as you engage us. Getting results back to you within 3 working days.


Further services include:

  • Secondary & Primary Research Support

  • Competitive Data Sourcing

  • Potential Supplier & Buyer Contacts

  • Product & Service Pricing Benchmark

  • Survey Preparation

  • Presentation Support


Case Studies


Secondary & Primary Research support


The client is a management consultant working for a diversified business conglomerate. They requested that GL assist in a possible M&A by conducting a pre-acquisition analysis of the European mid-sized IT market. The analysis was to include trends, spending and growth across various technologies.

Competitive Data Sourcing


The client is a large asset and wealth management organization in Europe. They requested that GL evaluate acquisition targets in the metal casting manufacturing industry. Our team conducted an in-depth competitor analysis of the products and market segments of the target companies.

Potential Supplier and Buyer Contacts


The client is a leading global supplier of wireless solutions. They requested that GL identify telecom operators, including key stakeholders and their contact details, who could be likely suppliers of their products. SMEs who could be potential buyers of services from their telecom partners also needed to be identified.

Product and Service pricing benchmark


The client is a consultant for a corporate finance division of a leading financial services provider. They requested that GL provide profiles of fifty companies in the software industry. The profiles must include  their products, services, prices, clients, USPs. As well as information about the top management.



The client is a leading American retailer offering outdoor swimming pool products. They approached GL to prepare online surveys and conduct research for 500 customers in California, Texas and Florida. The surveys must be structured to gauge buying habits, pricing analysis, and product analysis

Presentation Support


The client is a leading management consulting firm working on the budget and boutique hotel industry. GL was asked to support their teams with PowerPoint presentations, as well as assistance with plugins like Think-cell and Mekko Graphics.