"one of the most useful Chrome extensions I've used in a long time" Paul L.
"..easiest way to save Google searches to Excel within seconds" Surbhi K.
"..effortlessly create actionable lists of leads" Nichole E. 



Screenshot of the sample .CSV file generated via the tool.

Why use GL Chrome Extension?

Want to do your own research but don't have the energy to copy-paste for hours? Our tool does it for you. 




An estimated 48% of mobile internet users (3.42bn globally) begin their manual research, whether for business or personal use, on Google.com or similar search engines. With this approach, it is necessary to click through various results to find relevant data including email addresses, social media links, and metadata. Each bit of information is added to an excel sheet one piece at a time; making it a time consuming and laborious task. We have created a tool that eliminates the need for this long-winded process. 




The average time it takes for researchers to record Google data from the first 3-5 Google pages and improve the query is between 20 - 35 minutes. In some cases this can take up to 1 hour. GL.Research Chrome Extension completely eliminates this arduous task and provides information within seconds




Alongside the website links, we also provide you with the email addresses and social media links of individuals and companies associated with the urls you have collected. This simplifies the process of compiling secondary research data, saving you time - and time is money, after all!


Collect Metadata And More


The tool provides you with a complete excel sheet which provides a fully comprehensive list of information including domain metadata title, Google descriptionstitles, and the domain name within the excel sheet.