hiring process

Goodman Lantern is growing rapidly, therefore our recruitment is a recurring task. We are looking for candidates who are driven and want to join our team and grow with us.  We understand that candidates require flexibility and for that reason, Goodman Lantern offers a flexible working environment, ongoing training, and exciting projects for you to be part of. 

The hiring process generally starts with: 

  1. Candidates sending their CV, which gets evaluated by our management team.
  2. Selected candidates are invited for a sample task.
  3. Successful candidates are invited to chat.
  4. Finally, we make an offer.
  5. We then train teams to understand our processes, platforms, and tools. 
  6. We are constantly helping our teams to learn, improve, and develop through pairing and peer reviews.  


We make payments monthly via bank remittance if you are based in UK and US. Other team members are paid via Paypal.