Head of Sales and Marketing

Whether you are a CEO of a small business or Head of Marketing of an organisation, Goodman Lantern recognises how imperative it is to launch high-quality content to increase inbound marketing. 

Goodman Lantern develops a far-reaching yet customised eBook or white paper specifically aimed at your target audience. Our handpicked, highly trained and effectual team develops content using our market research platform. We use primary and secondary research methods providing you with imperative data-rich content; which is not only highly consumable and shareable but also guarantees to become viral, branding you as the breakthrough leader in your market

 We also offer custom developed email database to target potential clients via outbound marketing. All the data offered is verified and designed to match the niche, companies, job roles, geography and company size you are looking to contact. 



Goodman Lantern has worked with a manifold of Marketing Directors, CEOs, Marketing Account Managers, Digital Marketing Managers and Strategic Consultants within start-ups, enterprises and agencies and fast growing businesses.