LBS Development Processes

We help companies with the process of developing new digital tools, either within an organisation or independently. These tools can be anything from a new system to an application or a ground-breaking new concept to present to prospective customers or teams.

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We specialise in tools powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We help with the entire developmental process; from ideation right through to conception, validation, and getting you ready to take it to the next stage.

Our API Specialities:
Stripe, Paypal, Google Cloud, Node.js, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Chargebee, Zapier, Hunter, Swagger

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Web App Development

Our experienced developers create web applications that are accessible by anyone, anywhere, and from any device. All users need is a reliable Internet connection.

Our team specialises in developing engaging, secure web applications with cross-browser compatibility, and a fully responsive design.

User experience is now as important for tablets and smartphones as it is for PC. We make sure that your web app is 100% user friendly.

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Consultancy and Analysis

We take a thorough approach to evaluating your existing processes, creating a solid foundation for the improvement and automation of your business' systems.

Our experts analyse your existing applications, creating detailed road map and time frame within which to create a more streamlined system.

Our team takes care to implement an innovative, simple solution that is guaranteed to meet your objectives.

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System Integration

We provide customised software that not only brings your systems together, but improves the overall productivity and performance of your staff.

We save you time and money by developing systems that communicate directly, without the added trouble of human intervention.

Our simple, standardised systems further improve your company's operations by reducing orientation and training times.