We have successfully delivered projects for several customers. At any given time we have tens of projects on the go. Handled by an excellent team of project managers and operations assistants, we deliver projects based on the Agile Methodology, paying specific attention to using a variation of Extreme Programming (XP).


Extreme Programming (XP)

XP is part of the Agile way of working. We get started with minimal requirements and analysis, and work based on customer feedback in an iterative manner. This process, while not easy, is something we have mastered over time. Most projects are delivered by pairing with colleagues in order to review the work undertaken. This helps us reduce the time required to deliver projects and provide a thorough output. 

On a very small set of projects we also deliver work based on the Waterfall Methodology, especially for large projects, which have a routine specific task. It's an in-depth process which requires a large amount of documentation and process building. Routine tasks are often scheduled or pre-programmed, i.e. we design a rule or process to deliver the tasks. We recognise that every client is different and we tailor our services accordingly. 



Recruiting is a recurring task for us, mainly because we are growing rather quickly. We add new team members based on the following criteria:
1. Internal recommendations
2. Constant evaluation
3. Training on our processes. 

Our recruitment process is driven by: 
1. Hiring
2. Training
3. Weekly evaluation. 

If the team member continuously receives under 4 out of 5 on weekly scores then we remove them from our platform to maintain quality and consistency. 


Getting Started

Here is a quick video on getting started with Goodman Lantern’s project management tool.