Goodman Lantern


always looking ahead

At Goodman Lantern, we aim to provide respect, transparency, and honest feedback not only to our clients but to our employees as well. We encourage open communication at all times; ensuring that everyone within our sphere is valued, appreciated, and motivated.

At all times, we encourage risk taking and experimentation. We know that thinking differently and taking the road less travelled can be challenging but in learning from our failures, we become exceptional at pushing boundaries, finding better opportunities, and developing smarter approaches in everything we do.


Constant improvement

We challenge ourselves to perform better and keep improving ourselves, our work, and our knowledge. We learn from our past endeavours, always making sure that we see improvements in everything we do.


Respect and Encouragement

Our team / our clients are our family. We treat them in a way that we would like to be treated. We encourage people to be the best versions of themselves.


fresh Experimentation

We appreciate and admire the spirit of trying new things. Trying and failing is part of life, but experimentation is an essential part of what makes us stand out.


Sound Integrity

We strive to do what is right and to always do what we say we will do. We have sound business ethics and earn the trust of our peers.