Case Studies of A.I.


Smart coaching/training based on data and analytics eg: health care

We develop consumer-oriented, easy-to-use tools geared towards training and coaching. For example, we could create AI-derived recommendations for digital health advisors or health coaches. This would not only help them to filter demand in order to focus on patients who truly need personal attention, but also empower patients with real-time, believable guidance for the more common ailments that occur on a daily basis.


Sentiment analysis

Multilingual sentiment analysis using AI can detect the positive or negative intentions behind texts, and use statistical models to adequately handle common misspellings, emoticons, hashtags, slang, buzzwords, and cultural terminology. Using advanced machine learning, we develop automated tools that measure excitement and anger levels on social media in a bid to stay on top of brand and reputation management.


Prediction / Profitable prediction of share prices

Machine learning can be used to develop finance prediction, enabling users to scrape valuable data related to share prices. This data can be used to develop a deep learning model for stock market forecasting.


Traffic prediction

Traffic prediction AI models can assist users in setting up predictive travel information based on traffic data stored in their devices over a specific time period. Machine learning enables us to build automated tools that take varying daily traffic conditions into account, providing details on the easiest route at a specific time on a given day and how long it would take to travel.