Consumer Apps

We design and build consumer apps that are engineered to succeed. Paying close attention to technological progression, user needs, and aesthetic trends, we help our customers create products that can compete in the fast-evolving digital market.

consumer app

Our cost-effective, state of the art app development services are fed by a result-driven approach. We take our customers’ ideas and turn them into a revenue-clinching, user-centric masterpiece.

At Goodman Lantern, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide full-cycle, custom software application development  services that inspire. We do whatever is necessary to identify performance gaps, refining our processes until our customers are 100% satisfied with the end result.

As self-proclaimed Zapier and API specialists, we develop apps that work.

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external apps

We offer unique and secure external application development solutions that match each customer’s unique requirements and strategies. By taking a purely collaborative stance, we make sure we understand your precise needs in order to deliver real value.

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custom scraping apps

We develop custom web scraping apps that can easily tackle the differences in structure, navigation, coding, how data is presented on a host of sites across the web. Use these apps to source key information that will help you stay ahead of the competition. We develop and code fully customised scraper bots to crawl millions of web pages for you.

Our custom scrapping apps are able to find contact details, events, products/services offered, and more.

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external payment gateway

We help you integrate external payment gateways into your fully customised tool, enabling you to process payments without any additional fuss.

Easily processes credit card payments directly from your app and cut out the middle man completely.

api development

API Development

We specialize in developing enterprise-grade REST APIs that are easy to consume, well-documented and truly reliable. Agility, innovation, and expertise are guaranteed in all the work that we do.