How to Communicate Your Value Proposition

In business, people tend to use a lot of jargon. Many of these terms are quite ethereal and don’t accurately describe what is being referred to. Take, for instance, the word ‘strategy’. The way that businesses use  this term conjures up, in the minds of a marketer or small business owner, a lengthy document. This document has specific sections they need to fill. This is despite the fact that these may not be relevant to your business. At its core, a strategy is a roadmap of where you want to go in your business. It can be as short as a page or a mind map or it can run into a myriad of pages. The type of business you run dictates what format this document will take. 

The term ‘value proposition’ is another one of these types of terms. In this article, we look at what ‘value proposition’ means and how you can communicate this to your customers.

Creative Marketing: Displaying Logos at Events

There has to be a better of displaying logos at events. Gone are the days where marketers and event profs can get away with taking the easy way out. Consumers tend to bristle at in-your-face, lacklustre, or slapdash efforts at making branding memorable. Event managers need to think outside of the proverbial square when figuring out how to display company logos. Try a subtle approach, give something more fun a try, or use technology to your advantage. Your options are virtually endless if you know where to look.

Give a Photobooth a Bash

The verdict is in: people love photobooths. There's an undeniable element of nostalgia involved in taking an instant photo. It conjures up a person's favorite memories and positive emotions. Hire one of these fabulous devices and you've added that sought-after personal connection. Logos can not only be displayed on the outside of the booth, but they can be printed directly onto the photos as well.

Hire a Street Artist

Watching an artist at work is an almost magical experience. There are so many talented street artists out there - most of them working with completely unique materials. You can really bring your event to life by hiring one of these creative geniuses. By incorporating company logos into their art, they create something memorable that will really stick in an attendee's mind.

Edible Logos Aim to Please

Basically, the aim of your event is to ensure that everybody leaves happy. Nothing makes people happier than a snack or two. Try to find innovative ways to offer attendees edible logos. Molded chocolates, beautifully iced biscuits, refreshing ice pops, branded drinks... The opportunities are amazing if you really think about it.

Digital Caricaturists Exist to Amuse

Caricaturists have gone digital - and it's a good thing too. People love to laugh. Really great people love to laugh at themselves. Bring in a digital caricaturist to entertain people and give them something to share on social media. Company logos can easily be worked into digital caricatures, making a lasting impression.

It's amazing what you can come up with when you take the time to think about it. Originality is so important in terms of marketing at an event; use your intuition and imagination to come up with something truly great.