SEO article writing

The Power of SEO Article Writing

With roughly 75% of the Internet's "window shoppers" using search engine keywords to source products, it would be a dire mistake to pass up the opportunity to take a slice of the “profit pie”. SEO article writing is the best way to drive traffic to websites, and convert that traffic into purchases. A survey by Forrester Research shows that that 60% of marketers around the globe are increasing their online marketing budgets rather than investing in more traditional forms of advertising. Regular print advertising is vastly more expensive and unsurprisingly ineffective in the fact of targeted SEO-optimized content.

SEO article writing demonstrates a certain trustworthiness that consumers are looking for. Creating informative content allows companies to show that they are knowledgeable; they have a certain amount of authority in their industry. Clever use of SEO optimized content allows companies to expand their collection of high ranking keywords, pulling even more users to their websites. This careful balance of high ranking keywords simultaneously improves the quality of the site and makes it easier for search engines to find.

Perhaps the cleverest aspect of SEO marketing is the fact that the client finds the product in question by actively looking for it. Psychologically, there is an element of the “hunt” to the process. Consumers need to believe that they have led themselves to the product, rather than being accosted by random print ads that are completely uninteresting to them.