Case Studies of A.I.



Chatbot that integrate artificially intelligent into applications to fulfill a variety of different functions including command control, customer care, social media messaging, scripting, or virtual assistance.


Predict email addresses of customers

Develop email append tools that  increase email database lists. The AI tool is able to match up postal address lists with corresponding email addresses, making it easier to reach larger groups of potential customers. Segment customers in your database for data analysis

Use data analysis API to onboard data from multiple sources. We help develop automated tools that collect, store, and categorise data sets using a single customer segmentation and experience management platform.


Ecommerce / Sites Image recognition

AI can help with Image recognition and assist in improving online shopping experiences and creating new marketing opportunities. With the upward trend of search queries appearing either through images or speech, it stands to reason that machine learning-powered image recognition will make a strong impact on the way consumers shop.


Marketplace object recognition

Object detection makes it possible to identify objects within images. Frameworks for creating deep learning networks that solve object detection problems, making it easier for devices to spot objects of interest.


T-shirt - V, deep V, collar, crew etc (ecommerce)

Image recognition and analysis using AI can be applied specifically to eCommerce. It is possible to develop automated tools that differentiate between specific product features. For example, in a store that sells t-shirts, the API could differentiate between v-neck, collar, and crew cut styles making it easier to upload and organize product databases including images and descriptive text.


Gender detection based on images

Gender detection uses face detection to detect human faces in an image and then analyze the facial attributes to determine gender. Using machine learning-based predictions, this API is ideal for analytics, advertisement targeting, and user segmentation.


logo detection

Logo detection enables brands to discover where their prospective and current customers see them. Detecting logos in images enables businesses to track how often their logos appear on social media, forums, or anywhere else on the web and in what context. Analysing the results enables users to discover more about their customers and use this information to improve their marketing strategy.