Freedom to choose the hours you work. At Goodman Lantern, we work around your hours. We know you require flexibility and job satisfaction. Using our tools and team, we can provide you with the opportunity to setup routine hours. 

Steady work. Searching for high-quality, long-term work is a pain. We work to provide you with an abundance of opportunities based on your skill sets. 

Wide variety and fair pay. We provide a decent hourly rate to our team members, offering tasks and roles in hundreds of skill categories, paying top price for great work. The greater the success you have with projects, the more likely you are to get more work from us. 

Global. We are a truly global company working with clients all across the world, within different sectors. We keep the job interesting and diverse, while constantly learning. 

Community. We believe in developing a community of team members. When you join Goodman Lantern, you join an exclusive network of freelancers within which you can discuss and learn about other aspects of life, work and leisure.

Training. Over the years we have developed an extended knowledge of delivering work and delivering beyond our client expectations. As part of the process, we share this and encourage direct and peer-to peer-training.