Agile Methodology

Our Agile-based development methodology makes our process more flexible.

All our apps are developed in rapid, incremental cycles. The result of this is small, This results in small, cumulative releases, which are tested thoroughly to ensure that adherence to a specific set of standards is maintained. Each new release builds on previous functionalities.

We work on sprints for both design and development, with one dedicated UX manager keeping an eye on our dedicated teams.


The advantages of agile development

Agile development focuses on people and interactions instead of emphasising processes and tools. The fosters an environment where constant interaction between customers, developers, and testers is encouraged. Keeping the channels of communication open ensures that goals are set, timelines are adhered to, and continuous feedback boosts quality and productivity levels.

With close, daily cooperation between the customer and developers, working software is delivered within weeks rather than months. Additionally, teams are required to adapt to changing circumstances on a regular basis, which ensures quality and consistency at all times.